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Poetic Elaboration

Huck and Jim may never have found their way into this poem about shoes but for poetic elaboration.

For the the full explanation of this exercise, listen to Charlie at the following links: stream (lo-fi), (hi-fi) or download (lo-fi), (hi-fi).

Below is Charlie's sample poem.

New Shoes

I'm floating down the street
with my new shoes flashing
like a couple of holy ghosts
wrapped around my toes,
so white and bright
they lighten my step
uprising to a sense of purpose
feeling free
to be out of the box
my new shoes smile
at me, the liberator
who bought their freedom
for a couple of Jacksons
and a little change,
we're partners now
like Huck and Jim
paddling up
that old Mississippi river,
we're envoys of joy
we represent adventure
we're like Lewis and Clark
on a voyage of discovery
the mere sight of us
can lighten a heavy heart
strangers want to talk to us
"Hello, you're looking fine"
they say
and my silent enigmatic shoes
just carry me along
in their existential shoe-ness
leaving me to say
"why thank you ma'am
and you are looking mighty
right there yourself"
as we part the waves
of the routine everyday,
me in my new shoes
and all of us
in our natural skin.

     --Charlie Rossiter

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