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Musings on Others' Muses

The truths embedded in one-liners, witticisms, and other notable quotes often provide fodder for your own muse. You may listen to Charlie riff on the Emily Dickinson catch-phrase "The truth is such a rare thing it is delightful to tell it." and hear him reveal darker secrets from his past as well. This and more in the following links: stream or file download.

The First Marriage

I got married the first time before I knew
who I was, so of course I resented her
for being in the way
of me finding out. It doesn't have to
go that way I know, sometimes
a wife can help you peel back
the layers, but this was not
that kind of marriage. It was
the other kind. It hurts
to write this even now, decades later
when I can believe I was
a different person then,
capable of such colossal coldness
able to make love without loving
till, finally, even that went away.

     --Charlie Rossiter
     (previously published in Paterson Literary Review)

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