Dan Wilcox An Open Mic for Earnest Ears

Our new selection of Open Mic features was recorded live at the Dan Wilcox's venue, CafeWeb, in Albany, New York. Dan--a long-time member of the poetry group, 3 Guys from Albany, and holder of, perhaps, the world's largest collection of photos of poets, known and unknown--is our emcee for the evening.

You have two options for listening to our presentations, i.e Streaming or Downloading. If you use a modem with a speed of 28.8K (the faster the better) and you have a relatively good connection, you might try the streaming links. These should produce sound within seconds (although if your connection falters, the sound may stop, skip, or get choppy). If your sound is choppy then use the download links. This method will provide better results over slower connections. Please note, however, that you will hear the presentation only after the download has completed in its entirety (which could take a few minutes unless you have a high speed connection such as a DSL or cable modem).

Click here to stream all the poems.

David Kirschenbaum
     Untitled Poem for Rod Sperry
     [ Stream (2:39) | Download (481k) ]

R.M. Engelhardt
     [ Stream (2:39) | Download (478k) ]

Alan Catlin
     All the Poets Have Car Phones
     [ Stream (2:14) | Download (405k) ]

Mary Panza
     Why I Am Not Cool
     [ Stream (2:36) | Download (472k) ]

Don Levy
     God Save the Queen
     [ Stream (4:44) | Download (854k) ]

James Schlett
     Moments Too Rare
     [ Stream (2:12) | Download (400k) ]

A.C. Everson
     Jack's Song
     [ Stream (3:17) | Download (593k) ]

Jessica Stein
     Beautiful Dick
     [ Stream (2:17) | Download (414k) ]

Shaun Baxter
     There's No Devil, There's Just God When He's Drunk
     [ Stream (1:14) | Download (225k) ]

 Welcome to Albany

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