The poet: Sean Thomas Dougherty

Our Featured Poet: Sean Thomas Dougherty

Sean Thomas Dougherty is a former high school dropout and factory worker. He grew up in a racially mixed family with a mother of Jewish/Okie descent and an African-American stepfather. A nationally reknowned performance poet he is the author of five books including the book of experimental prose, The Biography of Broken Things (2002 Mitkimitki Press) and Except by Falling, winner of the 2000 Pinyon Press Poetry Prize from Mesa State College and nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Forthcoming titles include Toward a Choreography: New and Selected Poems and Performance Writings (2003 Mitki/mitki Press) as well as his edited collections Along the Lake: Contemporary Writing from Erie (2003 YeOldeFontshoppe Press) and the critical Maria Mazziotti Gillan (2003 Guernica Editions). He has appeared at numerous colleges and festivals including the Detroit Art Festival, the Connecticut Poetry Festival, the Lollapalooza Music Festival, LA's Beyond Baroque Literary Center, Carnegie Mellon U, Gannon U, and was a keynote reader at the 2001 Race in the Humanities Conference. His work appears in numerous anthologies including Like Thunder (2002 U of Iowa), American Diaspora (2001 U of Iowa), American Poetry: Next Generation (2001 Carnegie Mellon), and Identity Lessons (1999 Viking Penguin). He teaches at Penn State Erie.

For this feature, gives you two readings performed by Mr. Dougherty. The first of these is taken from the audio portion of an episode (recorded in 1994) of The Poetry Motel, a television series hosted by Charlie Rossiter in the mid-nineties. The second is a more recent reading (2001) given by Mr. Dougherty at the Changing Spaces Gallery in Albany, NY. that was hosted by Dan Wilcox.

Click here to stream all the audio selections.
Click here to stream the 1994 Poetry Motel interview.
Click here to stream the 2001 reading from the Changing Spaces Gallery.

Selections from The Poetry Motel Interview in 1994
 Introduction (0:13 - 41k)  Stream  Download 
 Taking Poetry Beyond Academic Walls (1:22 - 248k)  Stream  Download 
 The Poetry Scene in Syracuse (1:32 - 278k)  Stream  Download 
 Poetic Goals (1:35 - 286k)  Stream  Download 
 Poem for Anthony, Otherwise Known as Head (1:19 - 237k)  Stream  Download 
 At 2nd and Granite (2:39 - 479k)  Stream  Download 
 A Poet's Tools (3:47 - 682k)  Stream  Download 
 Introduction to The Mercy of Sleep (2:24 - 434k)  Stream  Download 
 Tears for Saint Catherine (1:03 - 189k)  Stream  Download 
 Untitled (0:53 - 161k)  Stream  Download 
 Like the Wings of White Moss on Moonless Nights (2:05 - 494k)  Stream  Download 
 On Our Journey to Avignon to Argue the Fate of the Church with the Pope (1:47 - 322k)  Stream  Download 
 Reflections on the Saint Catherine's Installation (2:37 - 473k)  Stream  Download 
 Far from the Banks of Jordan (2:14 - 405k)  Stream  Download 
 Wrapping Up (1:12 - 217k)  Stream  Download 

Selections from the Reading at the Changing Spaces Gallery in 2001
 Dan Wilcox Introducing Sean Thomas Dougherty (0:50 - 151k)  Stream  Download 
 A Trio of Poems from: The Body's Precarious Balance (6:20 - 1142k)  Stream  Download 
 In (2:39 - 478k)  Stream  Download 
 Clay (4:56 - 890k)  Stream  Download 
 Towards Rosa Parks Boulevard (2:54 - 524k)  Stream  Download 
 Dizzy and Miles (4:14 - 762k)  Stream  Download 
 Zoot Suit (3:56 - 710k)  Stream  Download 

  Cover Art: The Body's Precarious Balance
The Body's Precarious Balance

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