Maria McCrae

Presenting Our Featured Poet: Maria McCrae

Maria McCrae is a poet and long-time denizen of Chicago's poetry scene. A veteran of the Vietnam War and former U.S. Marine, she has also held a place on Chicago's Slam team in the annual national slam competition for eight consecutive years. She has a B.A. in Theater and Liberal Arts from the University of Maryland.

The following audio selections (with the exception of the last) were recorded at a reading given by Ms. McCrae at Healy's Westside in Forest Park, Illinois in January of 2000. The last bonus track was recorded in the Chopin Theater at a reading given for Chicago's Guild Complex.

Click here to stream all the audio selections.


 Introduction (324k)  Stream  Download 
 Grandma's Hands (1053k)  Stream  Download 
 Y2K Come (422k)  Stream  Download 
 From Whence I Come (908k)  Stream  Download 
 TGIF or Fun On Friday (713k)  Stream  Download 
 Semper Fi Jewelry Box (965k)  Stream  Download 
 GDFCTA (441k)  Stream  Download 
 What Women Want (670k)  Stream  Download 
 My Sunshine (708k)  Stream  Download 

 On the Street Interview (1250k)  Stream  Download 


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