Etta Worthington

Presenting Our Featured Poet: Etta Worthington

Etta Worthington is a poet, writer, editor, publisher, filmmaker, (we could go on and on--let's just say she's a woman of many talents) and the founder of River Oak Arts, a vital literary community serving Chicago and its suburbs. Etta has been a catalyst in bringing together many diverse and talented people through the workshops, reading series and other events that River Oak Arts has sponsored.

The following audio selections are taken from a reading given by Ms. Worthington at Transitions Bookplace (1000 W North Ave) in Chicago, Illinois in November of 2000.

Click here to stream all the audio selections.


 Introduction (233k)  Stream  Download 
 You Have Put Me in the Lowest Pit (155k)  Stream  Download 
 The Words of the Lord are Flawless (87k)  Stream  Download 
 All Day Long I Go About Mourning (131k)  Stream  Download 
 I Am Worn Out from Groaning (303k)  Stream  Download 
 Why Do You Stand Far Off? (349k)  Stream  Download 
 Consider My Sighing (231k)  Stream  Download 
 The Madonna A Mirage (498k)  Stream  Download 
 Flashpoint (627k)  Stream  Download 
 Even At Night My Heart Instructs Me (287k)  Stream  Download 
 My Heart Grew Hot Within Me (131k)  Stream  Download 
 Approaching Sainthood (724k)  Stream  Download 
 This is My Maundy Thursday (234k)  Stream  Download 
 As In Adam We All Die (210k)  Stream  Download 


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