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after hours
a journal of Chicago writing and art

after hours is a semi-annual journal devoted to the promotion and dissemination of the "Chicago voice." It features poetry, essays, short fiction and photography by many of the prominent artists that currently reside in and around the Chicago metro area. The journal itself is a labor of love for Editor/Publisher Albert DeGenova and his Associate Editor, Pat Hertel. Subscriptions are $10.00 annually. Please refer inquiries to or, if you so desire, snail mail them at:

After Hours Press
538 N. Kenilworth
Oak Park, IL 60302

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For this feature we present works performed by five of the poets who appeared in the current (Winter 2001) issue of after hours. They are: Albert DeGenova, Cynthia Todd Quam, Larry Janowski, Mary Blinn, and that evening's feature, Martha Modena Vertreace. The following performances were recorded at the Oak Park Public library in March of 2001. The event was hosted by Editor/Publisher, Albert DeGenova.

Click here to stream the entire performance.
Albert DeGenova
Albert DeGenova
Introducing after hours [Stream] [Download]
Mama's Blues [Stream] [Download]
Guardian Angels [Stream] [Download]
Cynthia Todd Quam
Cynthia Todd Quam
Introducing Cynthia Todd Quam [Stream] [Download]
Balloon, Winter, Spring [Stream] [Download]
Owl's Head Maine [Stream] [Download]
Old Acquaintance [Stream] [Download]
Exactly as the Getting [Stream] [Download]
What Nancy Drew [Stream] [Download]
The Letter Q [Stream] [Download]
Larry Janowski
Larry Janowski
Introducing Larry Janowski [Stream] [Download]
Phonees [Stream] [Download]
Dearborn Street Hawk [Stream] [Download]
Bad Boys [Stream] [Download]
Hope Chest [Stream] [Download]
Beatitude [Stream] [Download]
Mary Blinn
Mary Blinn
Introducing Mary Blinn [Stream] [Download]
Dinner Dance [Stream] [Download]
Morning Moon [Stream] [Download]
The Woman Who Travels Feather Light [Stream] [Download]
American Rocket [Stream] [Download]
On the Ferlinghetti Plane [Stream] [Download]
Martha Modena Vertreace
Martha Modena Vertreace
Introducing Martha Vertreace [Stream] [Download]
Apple Compote [Stream] [Download]
Caged Stone [Stream] [Download]
Callie-Emma [Stream] [Download]
The First Morning [Stream] [Download]
Jury Duty, Criminal Court [Stream] [Download]
Mother-In-Law's Tongue [Stream] [Download]
Tsukimi [Stream] [Download]
Healing Touch [Stream] [Download]
When Pockets Held Dreams [Stream] [Download]

Concluding Remarks [Stream] [Download]

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